The Cradle of Life - Music Inspired by the Motion Picture

Data wydania: 22.07.2003

Spis utworów:

1. DAVEY BROTHERS - Heart Go Faster
2. FILTER - The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)
4. P.O.D. - Satellite (Oakenfold Remix)
5. THE DANDY WARHOLS - The Last High
6. SALIVA - Time
7. LUNATIC CALM - Leave You Far Behind
8. MOBY - Jam For The Ladies (Jason Nevins Remix)
9. THE CRYSTAL METHOD - Starting Over
10. SLOTH - You Can't Look Away
11. NADIRAH "NADZ" SEID - I Hate This
12. KASABIAN - Reason Is Treason
13. 3RD STRIKE - Into Hell Again
14. CONJURE ONE FEAT. SINEAD O'CONNOR - Tears from the Moon
15. DAVID A. STEWARD - Flight To Freedom
16. ALAN SILVESTRI - Pandora's Box

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